About Bigsalty.mobi

You are browsing the mobile phone version of Big salty Weather. The data you are viewing on bigsalty.mobi is a reduced set of that data available for Bigsalty.co.uk. We'd recommend you refer to Bigsalty.co.uk for all non mobile related weather information.


All global times incorporate DST. The data you are viewing is based on the Nww3 and GFS forecast.

We currently don't have our swell/ Tide information on our mobile site although we expect to incorporate this soon. You can view all this data and more including Spectral forecasts and email alerts at bigsalty.co.uk

You may be wondering why the global data isn't on our existing website. This extra service will be coming reasonably soon.

Current weather

A quick note on our current weather...

For your easy reference, all current weather locations are marked red on the menu when the data exceeds 90 minutes old.


For all up to date contact information for questions or requests please visit bigsalty.co.uk and drop us a note in our forum or view the contact page for our support email address.